FREE Guidance and Counseling Service for Youth and Marriage Migrants

“Sa Iyong Sulok” (CFO-SIS) also known as “Itanong Mo Kay Sis!” is a free web and mobile application-based guidance and counseling service benefiting overseas Filipinos, specifically, youth and marriage migrants who attended the Commission’s mandatory pre-departure programs.

The online application guarantees, “Quality counseling, mentoring and coaching at your own space, your own corner, your own time right at the click of your finger.”

While crossing borders often offers the promise of better wages, more opportunities and a higher quality of life, migrant Filipinos in foreign lands are faced with a new set of challenges such as culture shock, deskilling, difficulty with gaining employment, homesickness, and overcoming language barriers. Away from their families, migrants lose their social networks, peer circles or trusted support systems that typically provide company and guidance.

To successfully address the trials experienced by newly arrived migrants and provide support for their settlement abroad, the availability of social networks, support groups and establishing connections within their reach is of utmost importance.

“Itanong Mo Kay Sis!” aims to provide accessible and convenient post arrival support services, in the form online guidance and counseling, which the public and overseas Filipinos can avail of, even at the comforts of their own homes, at their own fingertips.

The web and mobile based service aims to assist newly arrived migrants while they face the psycho-social challenges associated to migration through free consultation and counseling offered by partner counseling experts from different sectors (academe, NGOs, diaspora, government, civil societies, among others). Counseling services will be available on a 24/7 basis through chat, e-mail, calls, and other mobile messaging applications such as Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp. All correspondences and information shared shall be kept confidential and private.

CFO-SIS Featured Services

Apart from offering free consultations with registered counselors, CFO –SIS provides additional assistance to overseas Filipinos such as:

  1. A settlement search engine that serves as an information resource for migrants who need comprehensive information about their host country, up-to date immigration policies, permits, laws, and citizenship.
  2. On-line referral services to appropriate migrant serving organizations
  3. Assistance-to-National Program for Filipinos in distress and are facing migration and legal issues such as human trafficking, domestic violence, mail order bride, illegal recruitment, fraud, among others.
  4. A volunteering avenue for registered counselors, counseling professionals or care providers from different sectors (academe, NGOs, diaspora, government, civil societies, among others) to service migrants and encourage volunteerism.

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