Global Legal Assistance and Advocacy (GLAAD)

08 glaadGlobal Legal Assistance and Advocacy (GLAAD) aims to come up with country-based networks of legal experts and counselors that can extend voluntary legal assistance to Filipino victims of illegal recruitment and human trafficking as well as members of Filipino communities overseas who are suffering legal injustices in relation to their status (immigrant or employment-related) as overseas Filipinos (OF). The legal assistance shall include representation in courts and other tribunals, drafting and filing of legal documents, and provision of legal counseling, among others.




About Global Legal
Assistance and Advocacy


Laws Affecting Overseas


Advocacy for Overseas


1343 actionline against human trafficking

The 1343 website will complement the Action Line’s purpose in responding to requests for assistance, inquiries and referrals involving suspected human trafficking activities. It will fast-track the referral and follow-up of cases,   efficiently direct immediate assistance to human trafficking victims and disseminate to bigger audience information on Human Trafficking.


Itanong Mo Kay Ato!

“Itanong Mo Kay Ato” - Get legal advice on matters concerning human trafficking, illegal recruitment, mail-order spouse scheme, domestic violence or laws affecting intermarriage.


Itanong mo kay sis! (CFO-SIS)

CFO “Sa Iyong Sulok” also known as “Itanong Mo Kay SIS!” is a free web and mobile application based guidance and counseling service for Filipino youth and marriage migrants.