Geohazard Map

Mines and Geosciences Bureau
Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Is your home safe from landslide, floods and other geologic hazards. Click on the Department of Natural Resources and Environment’s Mines and Geosciences Bureau map (DENR/MGB). See for yourself if your property is situated in areas susceptible to geologic hazards such as landslide, flood and other data and information.
The Geological Database Information System Map Viewer allows users to view available Geographic Information System data. Geohazard and Geology map sheets or layers may also be downloaded. It is an integrated web-based mapping application that contains sheets/layers such as Flooding and Landslide Susceptibility Map; Geology Map; location of Mineral Resources and Geological Reference Databases and others.
Interact with the map display through the following tools:

1. Click on the leftmost icon at the top to access the Map Layers dialog box.
2. Click on available layers icon found at the top of the box.
3. Choose the Geohazard Map Index.
4. Next Click on the second icon to view the Map Legend.
5. Find your property on the map.
6. Navigate, zoom in and out within the map by using either the tools on left most side of the screen or dragging the mouse.

Other features available.

  • Search tool to search for specific features
  • Click on a Quadrangle to view Map Sheet details and download the available Map Sheet
  • Scale Bar which displays the scale of the current map extent
  • Identify tool which displays the attributes of identified features
  • Swipe/Spotlight tools which will allow the user to see the layer behind an active layer
  • Help tool which launches the User’s Manual of the application.
  • Advanced Query tool which allows querying of features and attributes by using a SQL Query.

To determine the functions of the links and buttons included in the Map Viewer, click on the User’s Manual from the Help link located on the far right portion of the Header Controller. In the widget that opens, click on GDIS User’s Manual to launch a PDF file of the Map Viewer User’s Manual in a new window.
The User’s Manual provides simple and quick ways to learn about the capabilities and functions of the Map Viewer.