Domestic Manufacturing Sector Leads Increase In Investments

The significant increase in last year’s investments by local enterprises in the Philippines will most likely encourage increase of foreign direct investments this year. According to the National Economic and Development Authority, foreigners will take the rising number of local businesses, particularly in manufacturing, as an indication of Filipino confidence in their own economic policies. The willingness of Filipinos to invest is therefore vital and a catalyst for the country’s continued economic growth.


Filipinos expect that their Request for Temporary Protective Status in the US will be Granted Soon

Filipinos expect that their Request for Temporary Protective Status in the US will be Granted Soon

With recommendations from several US government agencies, and now with the support of the Philippine government, Filipino- American groups have been expecting a good result of their efforts to obtain a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for undocumented or irregular Filipino migrants in the US soon. Once TPS is granted, an estimated number of 300,000 Filipinos will benefit, allowing them to work and travel freely in the US.

DOLE Assures HK-based OFWs of PHL Government Protection


Despite Hong Kong’s decision to terminate the visa-free travel perks of blue and red passport holders, DOLE guarantees that the government will ensure the protection and welfare of the OFWs. Therefore, Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz advised oversees Filipinos to continue their commitment and dedication to work and maintain good relations with their employers.

Indian Online Visa Application to boost tourists numbers

The newest reform on India’s visa-on-arrival (VOA) system allows tourists a comfortable and hassle-free travel. Holidaymakers can now apply for their visa online and can claim it on arrival at any airport, avoiding the long queues and waiting time. Indian government recognized the need to revolutionize the previous VOA system because it would boost tourism, earnings from which could help reduce the country’s increasing financial deficit.