CFO Holds Social Media Workshop for 34 BaLinkBayan LGU Partners

In partnership with the Inquirer Academy, the CFO BaLinkBayan Project hosted the Social Media Marketing and Introduction to Creativity and Innovation through Design Thinking Workshop on October 19 to 21, 2021.The workshop was attended by 80 participants, 68 of whom were representatives from 34 partner LGUs.


The 3-day workshop aimed at equipping CFO BaLinkBayan’s LGU partners with skills for creating effective strategies in maintaining their online presence through social media and other digital platforms, to better serve their overseas Filipino patrons.


The workshop was opened with special remarks from Director Marita Del Rosario-Apattad. The sessions were kicked off with the Digital Branding lecture facilitated by Ms. Millie Morales from the Inquirer Academy. The lecture made the participants aware of the different branding strategies of both local and international corporations and individuals. Through engaging and interactive discussions, CFO BaLinkBayan’s LGU partners were able to reflect on their local government office’s unique market branding as a service provider. An in-depth discussion on analyzing and understanding the target audience prompted the participants to reassess their Brand Bible to guide their future campaigns.


The second day saw Morales dishing out a lecture on Creating Effective Digital Marketing Strategies and Social Media Management. Participants were given an overview of the different statistics on the Filipino social media culture to better understand their target market. The lectures also discussed how best to use the information they gained to improve the performance of their social media strategies. The CFO BaLinkBayan partners learned to craft an efficient Content Plan that complements online and offline initiatives.


The workshop was capped off on the third day with a final lecture on Design Thinking and a group activity requiring all the attendees’ participation. The activity centered on the effectiveness of design and how the CFO BaLinkBayan partners can best utilize their posts. The participants engaged in understanding the thinking process designers must undergo to create better designs that capture the audience’s attention and leave an impact. The final activity for the workshop challenged the participants to construct their own content plan for the next quarter. Their output presentations showcased what they learned from the 3-day workshop. The breakout sessions led to collaborative discussions among the different local government offices.


The Commission on Filipinos Overseas aims to create a community of government agencies ready to improve their service to our overseas kababayans. The Commission echoes the sentiment of its local government partners that similar webinars seeking to improve their social media strategies would be well received in the future. The Commission on Filipinos Overseas looks forward to seeing more learners in the upcoming workshops lined up for its CFO BaLinkBayan partners. Mabuhay!