SSS Programs for Overseas Filipinos

Overseas Filipino Workers SSS Coverage Program and Flexi-fund Program

url-icon-sOverseas Filipino Workers SSS Coverage Program and Flexi-fund Program

Regular Coverage Program

The program is open to all overseas Filipinos, not over 60 years old, who have been recruited in the Philippines by foreign-based employers for work abroad, or may have legitimately gained entry in a foreign country and are eventually employed. Coverage takes effect upon registration and payment of first contribution.


Overseas Filipinos with no SS Number yet have to register for membership by filling out an SS Form OW-1 (Overseas Worker Record).

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Overseas Filipinos who are already SSS members (or previously registered prior to deployment/migration abroad) can immediately resume payment of contributions as “Overseas Worker” using their existing SS Number.

The contribution is based on the member’s monthly salary credit (MSC), which is determined by the monthly earnings declared at the time of registration, computed in Philippine pesos in the case of overseas Filipinos. The monthly contribution amount is computed by multiplying the member’s MSC with the prevailing SSS contribution rate.

url-icon-sSchedule of Contributions

The SSS provides long-term and short-term benefits to members, subject to qualifying conditions. Benefits are closely linked to contributions, with the minimum monthly pension guaranteed. Higher contribution amount and longer contribution service translate to higher benefits to meet future needs.

The following short-term benefits are granted to qualified members in the form of daily cash allowances:



The following long-term benefits are granted to qualified members/beneficiaries in the form of monthly pension, or lump-sum amount if ineligible to pension.



To further understand the value of SSS membership, read “The Value of SSS Membership” and “Summary of SSS Benefits”.

The SSS extends loan privileges to members and as with SSS benefits, the loanable amount is based on the member’s contribution amount and service.


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