The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) is a government-owned and controlled corporation that deals with health care financing. It aims to provide quality health care for all Filipinos.

Good news! Philhealth also caters to the needs of overseas Filipinos. Please visit this page:


PhilHealth OnLine Services

For electronic membership registration, access in IHCP portal, electronic payment facilities, and other online services, visit this page:

PhilHealth Membership (Lifetime Membership) 

For PhilHealth members who have completed at least 120 months of contribution; and have reached the age of retirement as provided for by law, visit this page:

PhilHealth Presence and Partners Abroad 

View where to go and who to contact in PhilHealth while you are abroad (2010):

View the updated List of Bank of Commerce Remittance Partners and Correspondents Abroad (2013):