Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)

What is the Cooperative Development Authority

The Cooperative Development Authority or CDA is a government agency tasked to fulfill the provisions of section 15, article XII of the Philippine Constitution in ensuring the viability and growth of cooperatives. The CDA is also tasked to formulate, adopt, and implement integrated plans and programs for cooperative development. The CDA is the central agency that ensures that cooperatives, though under the private sector, remain partners of the government in sustainable development and economic growth in the country.

So why invest in Co-ops?

Cooperatives are people-centered enterprises that are owned, controlled, and operated by and for their members. A co-op is run by members with a common goal in mind. Co-ops are democratically managed through the one member-one vote rule, regardless of how much or how little a member puts into the business. There are several types of cooperatives in operation with a host of products and services offered. In provinces, most utility services are provided for by large co-ops like the Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc (BENECO), Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative Inc. (INEC), Bantayan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BANELCO), and the allied co-op called Mindanao Cooperatives Water Service Federation (MCWS).



According to the CDA, as of 31 Dec 2018, there are 28, 784 registered co-ops in the Philippines, across all regions.

Cooperatives have two kinds of members:

  • Regular member- one who has complied with all the membership requirements of the co-op and is therefore provided the privileges of a member as stated in the Cooperative Code and and the co-op’s bylaws.
  • Associate Member- one who has no right to vote or be endorsed/voted as candidate for officers of the co-op. The associate member is only entitled to some rights and privileges as mandated by the co-op’s bylaws.

Cooperatives in the Philippines have 3 main categories,. in terms of membership:

  • Primary Co-op: Members are natural persons/individuals
  • Secondary Co-op: Members are primary co-ops
  • Tertiary Co-op: Members are secondary co-ops

Top Products and Services offered by Co-Ops Per Region

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List of Cooperatives Per Region